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Living remedies is a naturopathic practice

The core focus of any Naturopathic treatment is to maintain the Vis Medicatrix Naturae (Vital Force of nature) also known as Qi or Prana. Given the right conditions - healthy lifestyle practices in combination with gentle, non-invasive therapies - the vital force can self-heal or self-correct. I believe that each person is unique and that treatment should be tailored to meet individual requirements regardless of the presenting condition, thus I aim to treat the person and not the disease.

Living Remedies Services

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Taking your case history

Collecting all the details

Personalised herbal prescription and advice

Taylored to your needs


What your eyes reveal



Vital force

Living Remedies Services

I currently offer house visits or online consultations. I am based in London UK. Please contact me to arrange a visit.

Initial consultation (£150) 
This *includes your bespoke herbal prescription; our session; my research time; travel cost and time; shipping of prescription.

up to 1h 30 min

Initial online consultation  (£130) 

*Iridology is excluded, unless we can get you to send usable iris pictures.

up to 1h 30 min

All follow-up consultations (£90) Includes your herbal preparations, further research, adjustment of your prescription

up to 45min.



"I have been going to Adam for support with the menopause for quite some time. His knowledge together with  the capsules that he provides for me have made my symptoms almost non existent.

I would highly recommended him if you are needing support with something . He really knows his stuff and I trust him to provide the right prescriptions or advice  and give good value for money."

"Adam prescribes me tinctures for menstrual pain and for stress relief, both of them work very well and always help me. If I have any new health issues that come up, he chooses new herbs in response. He is a very reliable herbalist as he is sincere and honest."

"Adam embodies living remedies. He is extremely knowledgable and passionate about natural medicines.  His consultations are thoughtful, kind and compassionate and he was able to successfully help me with insomnia and ensuing energy levels as well as peri-menopausal symptoms.  I found his therapy style to be very gentle.  He was never judgemental or overbearing.  I always felt like I had been heard and understood. Thank you for all your help."

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