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About me

Hi, My name is Adam, I'm 32 

My herbal journey really started when I first came to UK over 12 years ago. Foraging and medicine making became a long term hobby and led me to thirst for more knowledge. I wanted to know more than how to treat coughs, bumps and bruises, I wanted to understand more about the human body so that I could be of better service. 

After finishing a number of smaller courses I decided to enter college
I graduated from the College of Naturopathic Medicine where I was trained in western herbal medicine, naturopathy and iridology and I always strive to keep up my learning and expanding my knowledge and skill-set with continual courses and workshops.

I am a  member of the ANP (association of naturopathic practitioners), GNI (Guild of Naturopathic irdologists) and the GNC (General Naturopathic Council).

Besides working with private clients, I have been gaining experience while working at a busy herbal apothecary in North London for more than 5 years helping people with over the counter advice as part of a charity.

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